Friday 11 May 2012

Release of pre-alpha build 0.0.3 Boss Fight!

I've been really busy this week so here is a new build!

99 Levels To Hell pre-alpha 0.0.3

Change-log Pre-Alpha 0.0.3:


  • Fixed "gets stuck"
  • New animations
  • New timed shooting and animations
  • New Sounds

New Lighting (optimized):

Level Spawn:

  • You wouldn't get the same level in the first 10 level
  • Added two more levels
  • Added more special chests and shops (higher chance of getting new weapons and protectors.)

First Pet/Protector:

  • RedOrb, protects you and kills enemies on hit


  • More art for the first Dungeon "The Castle"
  • Fixed resolution, Barrels, Boxes, Weapons
  • Added shadow, Ladder, Pillars


  • BlueStaff got bouncing bullet

First Boss fight:

  • Knight On Wheels!!


  • Window mode and more resolutions
  • The game ends at level 10.

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