Wednesday 11 July 2012

Alpha 0.3.0 is LIVE!

This update has been all about making the game more fun.

So some new rules have been added.
First, we now have a Heart-cap, this means that you can only carry 5 hearts at the time, until you level up your Heart-cap.

You can now level up your weapons to level 3, and add boosts such as Range, Damage and Bullet size.

There is a time limit on the levels, that will start hell-mode if you take too long.

I rewritten the jumping so it's easier to control, and some enemies will now charge you.

Most of the graphic bits have been redrawn and lightened to make it easier to see where you are going.
Have fun!!

Desura Digital Distribution

Changelog ALPHA 0.3.0:


  • Curser aim improved
  • No more than one pet
  • More control when jumping straight
  • Added features:
  • Shake on hit and explosions
  • Heart container. 5/5
  • One UP extra heart for heart-container 
  • Volume slider
  • New Character animations
  • Rewamped Weapons and power-up system
  • New tutorial
  • Shotgun re-made
  • New GUI
  • BossFight SHAKE DOWN ladders
  • Earth gold blocks!
  • Graphic retouch of all dungeons
  • TimeLimit on Levels
  • New Shooting animations
  • Pickup Weapons On ”S”
  • New gold nugget
  • Some enemies Charge you!
  • New box explosion
  • 15 new levels (40 levels total)

Special Items:

  • RangeUp
  • DamageUp
  • BulletSizeUp


  • Bluestaff 1-2-3
  • BubbleGun 1-2-3
  • Cannon 1-2-3
  • CrossBow 1-2-3
  • IceStaff 1-2-3
  • MachineGun 1-2-3
  • RedStaff 1-2-3
  • ShotGun 1-2-3
  • Sniper 1-2-3


  • New Death sounds.
  • New Themes
  • Theme OVERTIME

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