Friday 24 August 2012

Next build and podcast

Hi all

I'm back from my break, and scaling down the time I can spend on the game, but that doesn't mean that work isn't getting done.
A lot things have happened since the last blog post.

I will release a new build next week where I will be adding, all kinds of awesome new stuff.

First, a new item type: Symbols.
They will appear in your GUI and recharge by kills!

Second, traps:
All levels after the first 10 levels will have some kinda wicked traps for you to avoid.

Third, The Casino, Inferno:
Gamble away all your hard earned gold, bombs and heart, to get bigger and better weapons and symbols.

Besides that a lot of new special items now will randomly appear in the dungeons.

Yesterday I was lucky to get invited to join the bit loaders podcast.
We talk about the new Update coming up next and about new in games in general.

So get exited for next week!!!


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