Wednesday 6 March 2013

First week after release and reviews.

It's been a great week.
The game is selling and we are happy!

Here are some of the reviews just in.



"Having journeyed through hell several times in my life (once when working for a factory, another time visiting relatives and finally with the ex) this journey through hell turned out to be the most fun by far."


"This game is a perfect example of how much fun a game can —and should, be, even when you completely suck at it."


"99 Levels to Hell is a game that revels in its own difficulty. Bearing in mind that I described Demon’s Souls as “not that hard” when I reviewed it, this game is harder. Mostly because there isn’t anything you can stock up on to make the road ahead more bearable. No, until you get more characters (there are three to unlock, of which I acquired none), you’re stuck with The Magician’s shotgun and maybe some bombs."


"If you’re looking for a roguelike with a faster pulse, or a platformer with a new take on things, you’ll find 99 Levels a hell of a lot of fun." 


Other press:

" It’s a somewhat deranged cocktail of all the gameplay mechanics one may expect to see etched onto the standard platforming blueprint in the dishevelled bowels of Game Development HQ, but wait! There’s a roguelike element to proceedings too, whatever that means. And, my, procedurally generated levels! Oh, and you can buy upgrades from a virtual high street of makeshift commercial establishment too. Let’s hear it for capitalism!"

"A new warm front may have arrived in the form of 99 Levels To Hell, a roguelike platformer with “over 25 monsters to discover and battle, as well as over 50 power ups and weapons to get your grubby mitts on."

"Wenn ihr Heavy Metal und old-school Plattformer mögt und auch vor einer Herausforderung nicht zurückschreckt, solltet ihr auf jeden Fall mal einen Blick riskieren. Fans sogenannter Rouge-Like Spiele, sollten sich das Spiel sowieso nicht entgehen lassen."

Remember to buy the soundtrack:

Our good friends at did a great let's play!

These let's plays are fun as well.

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