Tuesday 19 June 2012

Box art and ALPHA 0.2.0 released

Alpha build 0.2.0 is released.

Quite a few things have changed. I spend some time
playing around with the lighting, so hopefully you'll have a better
chance of shooting does rats before they kill you.
We also got some awesome new Box art for the game.

I went over all boss-fights again to make them more exciting.

Box art by Didde Gärtner

Changelog ALPHA 0.2.0:
General gameplay tweaks
All BossFights tweaked
Reset Game (in options)
Tutorial Level Changed

redbat crash
better lighting (easier to see)
Boxcollision pushing player through walls
Spawn two weapons

Added features:
Damage Text on hit
PickUp Text
Vsync support
Bubble bombs

Special Items:
FireOrb (shooter)

New dungeon "Jail"

New Enemies:
Spider type 1, 2, 3 and 4

New Boss:

New Key sound
New Dungeon track
New Mix of GreenUnderground track
New Gun Sounds

5 New levels

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