Thursday 20 September 2012

Beta Log and Steam Greenlight news

Things are moving fast, the Beta 1.0.0 will be released very soon.

When the Beta is released the discount will drop 50% off to 25% off, so hurry up and get the game cheap.

I just learned that I'll be able to give out Steam keys to everyone who bought the the game via Desura or the Groupees Bundle, still running for 6 days. So please go to Steam Greenlight and upvote the game.

The official Greenlight status:
“100% of the way to making the top 100” 17,064 visits 778 Favorits."

I've also updated the demo to a Beta Demo(Mac and Windows), so go try it before you buy it!

A big thing in the Beta is the added story-line. I've been so lucky to get a lot of help from Graham Cookson & Chris Powell from the Bitloaders podcast. They are writing an awesome story-line for the game and my good mate Simon Poole is doing a great job with the voice-over.

So thanks a ton Graham, Chris and Simon, this really adds a lot to the overall feeling of the game :D

This time we are adding quite a few new tunes to the game as well, Dalle has been hard at work creating some really awesome new tracks and sounds.

Spider Boss ThemeCasino InfernoSecret Room is just a few of the new ones, listen to the full soundtrack here.

If you are updating from a previous version, I recommend going to options and reset the game before starting your adventure, just to make sure you don't get any PlayerPref bugs.

Last you should check out the About section I just changed it to something new and more fitting for the game.

Small teaser for the Beta!

Changelog BETA 1.0.0:


General fixes and polish.
GUI Key, key appears in the GUI when you've found it

Slot Machines got sound, and higher chance of getting a WIN

Fixed jumping bug!

Healthbars on all boss'

Lighter dungeons.

Added features:

Overtime Ghost

Saw trap
Bomb trap

New Dungeons
Into The Machine

Wet Caves

Bossfight Robot
Bossfight Giant Worm

Unlock Playable Characters

10 new levels 50 in total!


Death sounds


Storyline for the first 3 dungeons + prolog

I know I didn't get controller support in the first Beta but I promise it's the first thing I do for the next update ;)

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